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Knitting Machine Tutorials

                                        DVD & VHS

Here is a list of places that you can purchase Knitting Machine Tutorials, Tutorials on DAK (Design A Knit) and other DVD's.  I know that most places you cannot find a teacher, so the next best thing is a DVD, just like having them in your living room.  You should also NOT worry about buying duplicates of Brother or Studio Knitting Machine Tutorials on YAHOO Groups or other places.  90% of the DVD's bought and sold today are duplicates from the 60's, 70's and 80's.  Almost ALL Brother and Studio DVD's are copies.  Most of the time there is NO copy write infringement because they are no longer made concerning Brother and Studio DVD's and a few others.

With that being said, you DO need to take care when buying DVD's produced by an individual, such as Diana Sullivan, Lesley Solomon or Susan Guagliumi tutorials, as they  are still alive and kicking and still making teaching videos.  So, rule of thumb would be a Person's Name = copy write and with a  Brand Name (e.g. Brother or General Knitting Techniques) = no copy write issues.

You will have people argue that you should not be making money off of someone else's work, but that is not the issue, because these same people usually are.  The issue is if there is a copy write infringement issue and MOST of the people barking are selling copies as a means of income and do not like anyone stepping on their toes, so they bark at you.  If they can sell them so can someone who is no longer using a video that they have purchased, which means you can sell your copy.  The same goes for a DVD or VHS that you bought currently in production, YOU can sell YOUR DVD or VHS, you just CANNOT make copies of it and sell it IF it is still copy written.  If in doubt just do not do it.

Below are some individuals who currently make knitting machine tutorials on DVD or VHS and places to buy copies of older tutorials.  Do not think because a lesson has been made back in the 60's or 70's means it is out of date, it is not out of date as the knitting machine still works the same way.


                                                            Diana Sullivan

I would like to bring your attention to a site hosted by Diana SullivanShe has great video tutorials on YouTube and sells her own video tutorials on YouTube and on her site.  Here is a link for her YouTube video tutorials: http://www.youtube.com/user/dianaknits

She also has a fantastic tutorial on youtube about a FERN LACE stitch that I looooooove and it looks great at the end of a sleeve or as a hem or even throughout a garment.  There is a learning curve and it takes time for the effect but the result is very pretty. 

She has a lovely voice so the lessons are nice and her tutorials are to the point, without error and in my opinion of much better quality than most other home made knitting machine tutorial DVD's out there.

Diana also has wonderful tutorial DVD's for sale on her site on the Garter Bar, Entrelac, Edgings, and much more, you can check her out at:

I hope that she continues to make knitting machine video tutorials as there just are not that many around of any quality except the overly recycled Brother and Silver Reed video tutorials.  She is a delight to listen to.

                                            Susan Guagliumi

I have mentioned Susan Guagliumi before and she is AMAZING and so very much talented. She has 2 books about machine knitting and a video that accompanies her first book that is about hand tooling decorative stitches on the knitting machine. I hope very much that she makes another video to go with her second book 

In her second volume, she has a technique for ruffling both sides of the knitted garment as you knit, say a scarf, so you do not have to add an edging after you have completed the knitted item.  This edge is also really pretty at the bottom of tops, sleeves or sweaters, or in lieu of buttons on a cardigan (you can put clips instead of buttons).  She also has some fabulous caps, hats and sweater patterns in the second volume that are very fashion forward.

In addition to the a fore mentioned books and video, she has other publications that you can find on her website, custom tools, note cards, free downloads and more. I have all  her books and video, even though some are for hand knitting. 

She is an extraordinarily gifted knitter and machine knitter and while her books do have a learning curve, they are well worth going through and learning her techniques for some amazing outcomes.  Did I say she was AMAZING???  lol.



                                                         Cathie Sanders
                 Northtipton Creations & DAK

I would like to bring your attention to a website called Northtipton Creations.  It is a site dedicated to machine knitting, has supplies for both Brother and Silver Reed/Studio Knitting Machines and Repairs and more.  BUT, what I am most excited to bring your attention to are Cathie's DAK TutorialsCathy Sanders is probably not only one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to DAK, but her tutorial CD's on DAK are absolutely the BEST in the market, bar none.  Do not waste your money on pamphlets, books or other items in the market that profess to teach you about DAK.  I am sure they do but, the depth of knowledge you will have after watching her tutorials is unsurpassed by any other learning tool.

What makes this the best, is first she is thorough, logical, clear and she builds one lesson in top of the other, so you learn in a chronological order.  In addition, you work along side her, so in one window you have the tutorial and the other window you have your DAK program opened and are actually doing the same work she is teaching you about.

Cathie's DAK Tutorials covers all 5 areas of DAK in 9 working sessions, including the lace tool, working with color and translating a sewing pattern into a DAK pattern.  In addition, she has 5 more lessons that gives you a more in depth knowledge of DAK. 

While her lessons at the present time were geared for DAK7Pro, it will work with the most recent release of DAK8.  I am sure she is working on another learning module to accompany the new "Hand Knitting" module  in DAK and will also add additional lessons as needed for DAK8Pro.

Also, they are NOT expensive AT ALL.  She could charge hundreds for these learning modules on CD, but they run a mere $10 to $49.95, depending on what you buy.  Her tutorials are sold at many different places, but I would suggest purchasing directly from her.  Finally, she also is very kind with her time, if you have a question you can call her and she is more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.  Just a super lady.

Here are the links to her site for the tutorials:

        Cathie's DesignaKnit Tutorials
Individual DAK Tutorials



Do Not Forget About YouTube, it is a great resource, you will need to look around but there is a lot of really good stuff there.  There is an especially nice tutorial on a thing called Machine Knit FAN LACE, and it is really cool and there are 5 MODULES.  You can see it here:

Country Knitting of Maine has video tutorials and a pretty good selection, last count she was at 12 different videos.  I mention her again below as she also creates and distributes a "Knitting Machine" magazine, one of the few left in the market currently being produced.

And Donna Seitzer (still copywritten), for Beginners lessons and Ribber begginer or intermediate lessons

Knit and Sew World also has DVD/VHS knitting machine tutorials and it looks like they are sold out of most of them and I do not know if they will restock, but it is worth a look.  I find them on the pricey side of $30 - $50 a tape, but still worth the money.  http://www.knitsewworld.com/home.html 

The Knitting Closet is also a source for a beginner knitting machine video tutorials but make sure to look at the description as some are for hand knitters, some for machine knitting and some are for accessories by brand.  He also carries PASSAP and TOYOTA videos. 
Here is a hyperlink to their site:  The Knitting Closet

  I have to mention an amazing booklet that I found that teaches you how to chart, or create a pattern from scratch.  While this is not a video, this booklet is amazing.  It also is written in a way that anyone can learn how to create their own patterns and is a must have for anyone who wants to learn or keep their skills up.  The booklet is called CHARTING byt he MAGIC FORMULA by ALLES and Published by Country Knitting of Maine.



I have been treated very poorly by this vendor as have many others, so I am warning you about June Bugs Place.  So I am NOT recommending June Bugs Place, owner Carol Sorsdahl, as a resource for you for anything except DVD's.  She does have a lot of knitting machine tutorial videos for sale, that you would be interested in purchasing.  Her prices are very high at $50 per video, so I would suggest looking around as you will find many of the same videos on other sites for $15 - $30.  But, if you do not mind paying $50 a pop she has quite a few in her DVD library.

       I would recommend that you DO NOT buy ANYTHING else from her
                              There have been issues with payments

In addition she also carries Cathie's DAK Tutorials but, I would encourage you to buy Cathie's DAK Tutorial directly from Cathie at this link:  CATHIE's DAK TUTORIALS

Click on this link to take you to: 
June Bugs Place



I would NOT recommend any DVD's from Alaskan Maine-IAC's  or hobby*knitter, also known as Roberta Kelley.  Her DVD's are all over the place, are very hard to follow, makes errors all the time and has to backtrack and then there is the voice... The voice grates on your nerves. And for what she charges for the tutorials, they should be of a much better quality and at least error free, which they are not. 

I see her stuff at a few places, including eBAY and she has her own website.  You should take care interacting with her as she seems to have a bad reputation with her temper and I have had a few people complain about her harassing them.  I am sure as soon as she reads this, I also will be contacted by her.

BUT, This is JUST my opinion and if you want to try her out, do so at your own risk and make up your own minds.  BUT I would suggest buying only one of her least expensive tutorials, watch it and then decide if you want to buy more or a full set or watch her on YouTube before you buy.  I just could not deal with her or the lack of quality in the lessons and DVD's.

Off course you always have eBAY, but I really do not like eBay as I feel that they ask too much of their sellers and their fees are high, so the cost of doing business through them of course, is moved over to the buyer.


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