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A place for Knitting Machine Enthusiasts to find out about Knitting Machines, Yarns or Anything that has to do with Machine Knitting

Silver Reed, Studio
and KnitMaster
Knitting Machine Manuals
Stitch Pattern Manuals

Here are downloadable Studio, Silver Reed, KnitMaster Manuals and Stitch Pattern Manuals free for your use.  For Brother manuals see Brother Manuals and More Brother Manuals, and for PASSAP see PASSAP Manuals and Magazines.

Miscellaneous Silver Reed/Studio Guides & Manuals

Silver Knit Manual

Silver Knit Quick Start Guide

Studio Adjusting a SRP Ribber

Silver Reed/Studio Stitch Pattern Books

Basic Stitch Pattern Book #4 Booklet

All DAK patterns should come with thier own pattern books or you can purchase the corresponding Brother Knitting Machine Pattern Books that go with the stitch patterns in DAK that you can use with any Silver Reed, Studio Electronic Machine. 
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