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Downloadable Yarn Charts...

This page contains charts with the information from the previous pages in this section for you to download and use, makes things a little easier when you are looking around on the net.  In addition, there are a couple of charts that are better seen on paper versus a web page because they have a lot of pictures.  Click on the section title for the template. 

Here you will see a chart to help you decide what you should be knitting with what weight yarn and what type of project the yarn is best suited for.  Should I knit socks with this yarn or a sweater?  This can answer your questions in that area. 

This chart also will help you recognize which type yarn is best suited for which machines, how you can recognize it by knowing how many yards per pound it should be and what it may be called in the UK.  In addition, I have been able to squeeze in wraps per inch and how many stitches per inch for different weight yarns. 

As you have read, or will read in the "About Knitting Yarn" section, there can be multiple terms for one type if yarn or be described in many ways; e.g. Sport weight yarn can be called Light DK, 4 - Ply in the UK, have a WPI of 14 and weigh between 1200 - 1600 yards per pound or 300 - 400 meters per 100 grams.  It will work on a 4.5mm standard gauge machine at a tension of 5 to 7 or a 6.5mm mid gauge machine at 2 to 4 on the tensions dial.

All this information and more has been condensed for you with all weight yarns in a handy 2 page format.
Ever wonder what different stitches look like before you knit them.  Download this handy chart to help you understand what they are supposed to look like.



This is a cheat sheet with yarn, it's metric equivalent and more. A handy 1 page tool that helps you when you buy yarn.

A make shift McMorran Balance to help identify yarn composition if you do not know.
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