A Place for Knitting Machine Enthusiasts

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About This Site & Why I Do This

I am just an avid knitting machine knitter and hand knitter.  I thought it would be great to have all this information on one site and offer what I could for free so that others could enjoy the art form.  It is as simple as that.

What drives me????  Why all this FREE stuff you ask???

First, I posted items for free because I thought it was a nice thing to do and a lot of the manuals and magazines being sold were essentially free to begin with to anyone, so why charge for something I got for free.  Then, because someone told me I could not do it!  I know, a little childish, maybe, but they are probably selling the same items and they probably got them for free.  So there, I am out of the closet, I am not much into rules or being told what I can and cannot do.  But, I also hope that people who stumble across this site may very well download something, get hooked and get the bug for machine knitting or fiber art.  I have a soft spot for anything hand made and this art form is dying out as is anything hand made.

I do not accept email any longer because I get a lot of hate mail, I also will no longer answer questions because everything that I know is on the site.  The questions that I have gotten over the years, 99% of the time, the answer could be found on this site, so it was just laziness that opted people to email me questions that I had already answered on this site.  Sorry folks, no more email.


            I will read an email if it includes a correction, suggestions, or something that I can post for free.

I WILL NOT answer ANY SOLICITATION emails, so do not bother as it will be sent to the trash folder as I have a spam program working on this sites email.  BUT.....

So, enjoy the site and Peace Out!