Knitting Machine Brands : Summary

I have more information about Silver Reed/Studio  and  Brother/KnitKing Machines  as they are the most popular, most bought and sold in the market and the ones I have the most experience with.  While Brother machines are no longer made there is a Brother clone currently in production called  TAITEXMA knitting machine  and most items that work with Brother knitting machine work with TAITEXMA. Brother Machines are also known as KnitKingand CompuKnit and while they are no longer manufactured, they generally are well maintained and still have a long life left in them.  Get lucky enough and you can, every once in a while, find ones that were not used  at all.  Silver Reed is currently manufactured and Silver Reed is also known as Studio, Singer, KnitMaster and Empisal BUT, new machines will always have the "SILVER REED" logo.  If one of the other names are used, they are older and used knitting machines.  The different names on knitting machine in general is based on which country they were sold in but all parts and accessories work on the same models within each brand.  There are also  TOYOTA/ELNA models, an Artisan line  and PASSAP,  a Swiss made knitting machine.

TOYOTA knitting machines are Japanese made, the name was later changed to ELNA, and are no longer made.  While I could not find a ton of information about these knitting machines I have included this brand on my website.   I have heard that these machines are well built, some models more than others, but overall a very good knitting machine. You can read about them under the area labeled  "About TOYOTA".  I have heard that you can exchange components of this machine with other name brands, but I would point you into the direction of a knitting machine dealer to make sure you get the correct information.  I am not sure which brand works with TOYOTA, it is either Brother or Silver Reed/Studio, maybe both.

ARTISAN knitting machines, I have even less information on and have heard mixed reviews on this model.  There are models that come with a ribber that is permanently attached and other models that have separate main beds and ribber beds, information is under the  "About Artisan" area.  What I do know is that there is a budget model where you can get the main bed, ribber and stand for around $800.

PASSAP is a Swiss made knitting machine of very good quality but I have absolutely no experience with this machine. What I have heard has been very positive and while this brand is no longer made finding parts and accessories is not an issue.  It is one of the three most popular knitting machine brands out on the market, along side Brother and Silver Reed/Studio knitting machines.  I have the understanding that no machine comes even close to the PASSAP as far as double knit fabric and owners of this brand have only great things to say and are very loyal to the brand.  You can find information on this brand in the  "About PASSAP Machines"   section and also about the different, most popular knitting machine models.  The computerized models have a staggering option of 40,000 stitch and design options.  

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