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​​​​​MADAG is Swiss Made
       ~ PASSAP:  UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
       ~ Pfaff:  UK and Europe

I have absolutely NO experience with these machines so for a detailed description of these machine and their capabilities I would suggest talking to a dealer that specializes with these knitting machines, which are no longer being made.  From what I understand, you might find new ones (maybe).   Tammi Noble at Knit & Sew  is definitely a knitting machine dealer I would recommend you  seek out, as this is her favorite knitting machine manufacturer and she owns a lot of them, hence has a lot of experience with the different models.  She is passionate about knitting machines and a very nice and helpful person to deal with.

Another source are YAHOO Groups dedicated to machine knitting and to specific knitting machine brands, manufacturer and even specific models.  There are YAHOO Groups dedicated to PASSAP knitting machines as with any other brand, and here is a link to some of the sites you can join: 
 boasts over 900 members..

with over 1,200 members

to buy and sell PASSAP knitting machines

Information about PASSAP Knitting Machines


PASSAP is an excellent example of the European machine, it is Swiss made. Able to handle a wider range of yarn types than the Japanese models such as Silver Reed and Brother, it also embodies an amazing range of knitting capabilities. PASSAP, in fact, is often referred to as the "Cadillac" of Knitting Machines.  Some find these machine very complex while others are not deterred from them due to the very nice outcome of the final knitted fabric. Many of the PASSAP Knitting Machines come fully equipped to deal with multiple types of yarn all the way down to lace and all the way up to the chunky yarns.

PASSAP has its own software "Creation6/Form6" (and I believe has an update to "Creation8") program to design both stitch patterns and shapes which can be interactively knitted on their E6000 /E8000 machines.  In addition, the Shaping Device is actually built in on PASSAP electronic units and is an accessory for the manual (DM-80 and DM-S) knitting models, this item is known as the knit radar or knit leader with other brands of knitting machines. PASSAP Knitting Machines are also DAK (Design A Knit) compatible.  I do not discuss this option but you can get information about this option from your local DAK Dealer.

In the line of PASSAP Knitting Machines, The Passap E-8000 is the ultimate Electronic, Motorized, Knitting Machine.   This particular machine, of course, is state-of-the-art.  However, for those of you with less to invest, a Punch Card machine with Ribber and Shaping Device can be as versatile as an electronic unit, but with the limitations on the stitch pattern width of the punch card, (40 stitches) of course.