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This area is dedicated to Silver Reed Knitting Machines.  PLEASE TAKE NOTE***  Silver Reed was called different names depending on which country they were sold in.  Here is a list of various names for the Silver Reed Knitting Machine Series:

 ~Silver Reed
 ~Studio by White

Silver Reed is Japanese Made
Other Names and Regions:
        ~ KnitMaster:  UK and Europe
        ~ Empisal:  Europe and South Africa
        ~ Studio:  USA
        ~ Singer:  Canada, Australia, USA and New Zealand
        ~ Silver:  Japan

SUPERBA is French Made
~ Singer:  UK and Europe
     ~ Phildar:  USA and Europe
     ~ Superba:  Europe, South Africa and Australia
     ~ White:  USA and Canada

There is a site dedicated to "SUPERBA KNITTING" (Superba, Singer, White).  They are a free site it seems, and they offer information and tutorials.

Any machine with a label OTHER than Silver Reed is used, but "Silver Reed" is still manufactured today in Japan, though in limited models, but can also be sold as used since they have been made under this name since 1991.  Some have argued with me about Studio not being new, but I would say consider it used, if any new ones are out there under that name it would be a needle in a haystack.  In addition, even if you can find a 500 series knitting machine, time is still ticking away on the computer, just because you are not using  he machine does not mean it is not aging - computer systems age  with time whether being used or not.  Personally, I think it is just about getting info out there so that you can decide what to do.

Silver Reed has consistently gone back and forth when making or discontinuing fine gauge machines, and as of 2012, the SK860 mid gauge, so consider these used unless they have been stored and NEVER used.  Dealers will do this when they know a certain model will be discontinued (always ask if new and never used, or "like new and used a couple of times" because used - IS USED).  BUT, they could just as easily start making them again.  This is also bad news for people who were waiting to upgrade from the SK160 to the SK860 by just buying a carriage.  Buying just the upgrade carriage for the SK160 is now especially hard if not impossible, which means you have to buy the whole main bed knitting machine and carriage IF you can find one.  

There was a time in the market where you could find an "After Market" SK160 ribber coupler arm to be able to use the SK160 with the SR860 ribber, but that is also no longer made.  I actually bought one and it does work, just recently sold my extra one.  The Bulky Silver Reed SK890 has not been manufactured for years, so I would consider this model used regardless, but they hold their value well and are a sought after knitting machine and just a beautiful machine to work with..

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