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Brother Machine Accessories & Prices

In this section you will find a list of attachments and accessories that work with Brother/KnitKing Machines and what they do.  To know which attachment works with which machine please see  "Brother Accessory Compatibility"  section. This accessory list is in addition to the general knitting machine accessories that are explained in the  "About Knitting Machines"  area called  "General Accessories".   Brother has the most accessories available of any knitting machine brand, hence the two sections, and then there are the after market accessories that one can purchase.

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KL116 Knit Leader:  $50 - $125
This item comes with a set of sweater and top patterns on paper for a child, male and female, in different sizes.  Most would tell you not to get this item, but I would suggest that you do IF you would like to use sewing patterns.  You can also design your own garment patterns to use as it can manage life size patterns. You make up a pattern or use a sewing pattern and the knit leader tells you when to increase, decrease, shape and bind off. It's own patterns are in full and 1/2 scale, DO NOT pay the higher end price UNLESS they have ALL the paper pattern sheets.

There are older models also for that can cost less but you need to check compatibility in your user manual as some may need modifications or not work at all with your model knitting machine: KL111, KL113, KL115.

Intarsia Carriage:  $40
The Intarsia carriage allows you to use multiple yarns and to knit in pattern without floats on the backside of your fabric.

Linker:  $40
This is a nifty little tool that allows you to link off your fabric at the end with a very polished and even edge, rather than binding off by hand.  But, be careful with it as it will break easily if you try to push it to hard or too fast.  It gives you a very professional looking bind off.

Motor Drive Unit:  UP TO $800
Usually attaches to the back of the knitting machine table, stand or machine and is the length of the bed and then to the main carriage.  It usually has a foot pedal and is a motorized unit that moves the carriage back and forth for you rather than moving the carriage manually.

Garter Carriage: $250 - $350
Brother KG-95/Knitking Omni Carriage
Other models:

This is an electronic knitting carriage also called the G-Carriage.  It plugs into an electrical socket and knits back and forth for you creating a purl and knit stitch.  With electronic machines you can program patterns.  It is LOUD and SLOW (really slow).

It may be used on non electronic machines but will only do plain stitch and may need to be modified.  Some of the older machines will only take the older G-Carraige, please check your use manual to make sure you get the right one.  Older models are less expensive, $200 - $250.  Some people list this item at $400 and up, NEW this item was around $350, so keep that in mind.  These are not scarce and easily found.

KG95 & KG93 fits any 4.5mm, except 910 and most 800's series.

Garter Bars: $50 - $200
GB9 is the 9mm or Garter Bar Standard for the 4.5mm.

Manufactured by the different brands and an after market item that aids in knitting. KrisKrafter has come up with his own garter bar that is patented, but it is different from the older models in the market.  I personally like both models but for different things, but I do like the fact that Kris Krafter has shorter garter bars that are great for sleeves or kids clothes. He also sells the garter stop bar separately if you need just that item.

You must match gauge to machine and for the 6.5m and 9mm may be harder to find used & very pricey.  With that being said I would not pay over $150 for the 6.5 or 9mm as you can find them for that and sometimes less.

Lace Carriage come with Machine:
Allows lace knitting, this is a standard item that comes with any 4.5mm/3.6mm knitting machine except for 2 budget models.

PPD: $125 - $250
This hold floppy disks and you can create patterns for your electronic knitting machine.  Works with any electronic knitting machine that can accept a PPD and the one you want to get is the PPD120.

Ribber Transfer Carriage: $65 - $80
Brother KA-8300/Knitking RKTC.  Any 4.5mm Standard Machine.

This item can transfer stitches from one needle bed to another for you.  It has two sides that fit over the knitting machine beds, in order to slip the stitches from one bed to another.  No turn handle, it slides from one side of the knitting beds to the other left to right, or right to left.  Make sure you read the instructions to use it properly.

A real time saver when doing ribbing or any double bed work and then finishing the item by transferring stitches to the main bed.

Double Bed Colour Changer: $40 - $150
Brother KRC-900/Knitking RCC
1000 "e" = electronic or "m" = manual
    ~~~~The 1000 is After Market and is automatic only with the Brother KH970 model.

This item sits on your main knitting bed and holds your different yarns in place as you knit.  When you are ready to use a different yarn, you just swap it out on your main carriage. There is a bulky and a standard model so you need to make sure to match the model with your machine and one model works on both  4.5mm & 9mm machines..

The 1000"e" or "m" is anywhere from$300and up used, try
for the best pricing.  
It costs $1,000 new for the "1000e" model.  I find this a rediculous price, and yes it is a really cool thing but people, all it does is swap out yarn!!.

Singe Bed Colour Changer: $35 - $75
Brother KHC-820A  ~   Knitking KCC   ~   Brother KRC-840

Same as a double bed color changer but ONLY for the main bed. Check manual for compatibility but can be used on any 4.5mm or 9mm knitting machine.

FB 100 Disk Drive: $50 - $125
You save your patterns to a floppy disc to free up space on your PPD.  You can then transfer back and forth patterns to and from your PPD.  This is a pattern programming device that works with the PPD110 & PPD120.

RIBBER: $100 - $350

Probably THE MOST important accessory as it makes your single bed inot a double bed machine.  What this allowes it ribbing becomes much easier in addition to adding many, many different types of stitches that only the ribber can accomplish.  You can even get this with a manual machine to be able to knit decorative stitches.  You can also eliminate floats when doing coloured knitting stitch designs.  A must have for all.