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NOTES KH965 & KH965i:  615 built in stitch patterns.  The KH965i can use DAK and also has a stitch pattern cartridge with 800 more patterns, like the KH950i.

NOTES HOBBY MACHINES:  These are plastic bed machines but actually pretty nice.  They do compare with the Silver Reed LK Series.  Some are convertible, meaning they are a 4.5mm & a 9mm knitter in one.  Excellent starter machine. 

NOTES KH930:  Very popular so well used, some try to sell this at $1,000 and that is rediculouse as you have the Silver Reed line

NOTES KH940:  555 built in stitch patterns, again, if selling at $1,000 or more take a look at Silver Reed.

NOTES KH910: IF ask is over $300I would get the Silver Reed SK560 or SK580, a much better machine, both use mylars. 

NOTES Punch Card Machines:  

KH881 has built in knit leader..

The KH836 is a budget model without a lace carriage.

The KH890 has a Garter Carriage Rail

The KH891 has both the Knit Leader and Garter Carriage Rail

Brother Knitting Machine Price List

NOTES:  These are very old and manual only

NOTES KH970:  This is the "TOP of the LINE" Brother knitting machine.  It has 666 built in stitch patterns and a modular computerized system, so you can program it when sitting at your table.  I would suggest the KR900 RIBBER or the KR850 and it allows birdseye ribbing.  This machine holds it's value but I would not pay over $1,000 for this machine, maybe $1,300 in excellent condition with a ribber.

NOTES KH270: Has 288 built in stitch patterns, hard to find, premium price.  Garter Bar is an additional $200, KRC900 and KR260 Ribber work on this machine, the KR230 Ribber DOES NOT.

This is just a guide of prices on used machines from MY personal experience.  Depending on what is popular in the market will dictate prices to fluctuate up and down.  THIS IS JUST A GUIDE.  If you buy a machine from a Dealer it will be considerably more but you are getting (or should be getting) a machine that is fully vetted and should NOT have any bent needles, with a new sponge bar, cleaned and with a decent tune up.  That is why you are paying so much more for those machines.  Vendors I would recommend are:  Custom Knits & Manufacturing and Knit & Sew

NOTES KH900:  50 built in stitch patterns but the oldest computerized machine, I would buy something newer.  Uses the PPD



Any Punch Card Machine BEFORE the 800 Series

$100 - $200

1970's & 1980's

Any Punch Card Machines in the 800 Series


Like New $400

Ribbers, 4.5mm

Usually kr850 & kr900

 $125 if needs repairs

$250 - $350 


kh210 & kh230, 9mm Manual

$200 - $300

Ribber $200


kh260, 9mm Punch Cards

$250 - $400


kh270, 9mm Computerized

$850 - $1,200

 With Ribber $1,500 - $1,800 


kh900/Compuknit II



kh910/Compuknit ST

$125 - $250


kh930/Compuknit III

$300 - $500


kh940/Compuknit Vcx

$300 - $700


kh950 & kh950i

$350 if needs work

​$600 - $700 Like New


kh965/Compuknit V

​kh965i/Compuknit Vcx

$400 - $850


kh970/Compuknit 5 star

$700 - $1,000

kh400, 350, 355

(390, 370?)

No Dates, these are the plastic Hobby Machines

$150 - $400​

NOTES KH950 & KH950i:  500 - 555 built ins stitch patterns. The KH950i can use DAK and has a place that holds a cartridge with 800 stitch patterns on it.  If @ $1,000 look at Silver Reed and then decide.

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