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KM Businesses with Helpful Items


​​​​This section basically are businesses that offer knitting machine items or have items that would be helpful, including custom hand made knitting machine tables.


You can have special made tables which are to die for.  They are made by Steve and Katherine Rugg at

                                         .....Knitting Machine Tables by WoodWerks

The standard tables are offered in a Mini or Max, tilt or fixed, track with tool caddies, box, tray and with or without locking wheels. The table bases are made from solid maple and the table tops from imported Russian birch, both hard and durable materials. The tables are finished with two coats of acrylic polyurethane which is durable and should not yellow.  You should consider this item as an investment. Below are pictures of some of the beautifully crafted tables. Please visit their website for pricing and more information.


Want to buy a one of kind hand made item for someone but do not want to make it yourself?  For a hand made crochet or knitted clothing item, baby items, capes, tops, sweaters, handbags and more...   Visit Dragonfly Knitwear 


Through the amazing technology of 3-D Printing, you can now get garter bars from yet another source.  This technology actually "prints" in 3 dimensions, to actually make something, they are printed in a special 3 dimensional printer and are made out of a plastic of some kind.  I had seen this and knew about it in the fashion world, but never thought of it for garter bars, but someone did.  You can actually get them in different colours! The place to go to is  SHAPEWAYS.com   and just enter the term garter bar in their search button, they have 9mm, 6.5mm, 4.5mm, 8mm and more.

Garter Bars Page:


A place to get Knitting Machine Pattern Books is  
UNIQUE KNIT DESIGNS  hosted by Phyllis Waterhouse.  She has authored quite a few booklets, focusing on sweaters with great stitch patterns.  She has patterns for adults and children and also sells her patterns in DAK format and Brother format to use with the computerized knitting machine.  Specialties include Norwegian Sweater designs, one and two piece dresses, slacks, and sweaters in various styles.  She has been a machine knitter and designer since 1960 and has 26 years experience as a knitting machine instructor.

KNITTING PATTERN CENTRAL:  This place has a TON of FREE Knitting Patterns, granted they are for hand knitting, but you can translate them:  

POSH FROCKS  has some really nice machine knitting patterns with current styles and not the fuddy duddy stuff.  As does ARTIKA in the UK for punch card and electronic machines, the stitch designs are amazing and available on disc for DAK.

WHITE LIES DESIGNS, while not a machine knitting resource, White Lies Designs has very pretty sweater patterns that are reminiscent of the Victorian Age.  I have to mention them as I am in love with their patterns, and while the decorative stitch designs cannot be translated into machine knitting, the sweater and top dimensions can and you can substitute the stitch patterns to work on your Brother or Silver Reed Knitting Machines.  I love, love, love their stuff.

A SHOUT OUT TO THE KNITTING FIEND  and MANY THANKS!!  I absolutely have to recognize a person called the "Knitting Fiend".  I have no idea who she is but she (or he) has taken the time to create a website with a TON of knitting calculators.  I have listed some of them below.  She has made charting a pattern pretty easy as far as the math goes and I am, for one, thankful for all her hard work.  She also has some stuff about dieting on her site, but you can bypass all of that by using the links below:





One of the best YAHOO Groups for Buying and Selling Knitting Machines on the Internet.  Just join, it is FREE, and you can sell anything related to Machine Knitting that you want and find just about anything you need.  What is great about this group is there is no chatting at all, works like the classifieds.   

Other YAHOO Group Sites:     https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SaleorWanted/info


Absolutely the BEST DAK TUTORIALS ever made are sold by  
Northtipton.com  by Cathie, no doubt the best and reasonably priced, they also sell DAK and everything that you will need to understand and learn how to use DAK.

DAK has a Plug In with Paint Shop Pro (from Corel).  You can buy Paint Shop Pro Software from Corel and then get the plug-in, here is their website:  Corel.com  Paint Shop Pro (PSP) Plug-in for DESIGNaKNIT is available on CD or Diskette. The Paint Shop Pro Plug-In allows any version of Paint Shop Pro to read and open DESIGNaKNIT .PAT format files. Which ever version of DAK you own, the plug-in lets you open the .PAT files in PSP and use the powerful editing features of PSP to work on your design.

ALL POINTS YARN has some very interesting and unusual Stitch Patterns for DAK, Morgan Hicks has put together quite a few stitch sets called THE DESIGN COMPENDIUM and a disc for MOSAIC KNITTING to accompany the text on this subject.  He also teaches machine knitting and how to use DAK.

Want to use a Hand Knitting Pattern on your Knitting Machine?  You can!!!  Just buy the "Guide to Translating Hand Knitting to Machine Knitting" by Tricia Shafer at the KnitKnack Shop:   

Want to keep your knitting machine young and well kept?  I would recommend HOW TO MAKE YOUR KNITTING MACHINE SING and you can buy it from Distinctive Knits at:    http://store.dknits.com/pd-make-your-knitting-machine-sing.cfm

Best Tutorial on how to create knitting patterns is "CHARTING by the MAGIC FORMULA" by ALLES and Published by Country Knitting of Maine.  A must have if you want to create patterns from scratch and make sure they work.  Shows how to create patterns for tops, sweaters, all sorts of collars and skirts, hats, gloves, suites and more.

A fabulous place to learn easy mock cables is by Ricki Mudstock called MAGICCABLES.  She has numerous books for you to learn all sorts of different cables that are easy to do and look fantastic, including nautical and floral designs.

Need another Knitting Machine resource?  Try Knitting Machine Museum, it is a virtual knitting machine museum and features some of Maggie's personal collection of over 80 knitting machines and associated stuff with her initial personal notes and thoughts about each machine.   Maggie's forum offers interaction with machine knitters from all over the world and to keep the subject alive she has her diary (blog) and is updated monthly and  is based on her ongoing work and research: 



GARTER BARS:  Now you can buy Garter Bars for most gauges of knitting machines from Kris who own s Kris Krafters  and has done an excellent job of making and producing his own.  They are NOT cheap, but neither is the process to bring a new product to market. I like them for certain things, like turning your knitting to create ridges, it is hard to drop a stitch where the the old GB's it is hard not to.  Also, he makes short one, I think for 40 needles, which are great for smaller work.  He also carries the Garter Stop Bar and you can buy these items as a set or individually.  

​In addition, he also carries his own Yarn Twister, where you can take 2 or 3 different types of yarn and twist them together to make a new yarn.

Also check out and enter garter bar in the search button.  They print, in 3-D, garter bars in a special printer and the garter bars are made out of plastic and come in different colours:  Shapeways.com

KIDOODLES is a very cool site by I do not know who, but it has some great information, a free Magic Formula Calculator that you can download and have it sit on your pc, other software that he has written that do things like show ".pat" file in a windows explorer look alike called the "Pattern Explorer" and more.  Visit his site every once in a while, as he has usually added something new and cool.