​​​​​​​​​This section has FREE knitting machine magazines for you to download with garment and stitch patterns and other magazines for and about knitting machines with articles.  I will continue to add to this section as I come across more items.  While these "magazines" may be specific to Brother or Studio/Silver Reed, these patterns can be used on ANY knitting machine including punch cards as all you need to do is transfer the stitch patterns either to mylar or a punch card.  Unfortunately, there are very few options currently in the market to choose from when looking for Knitting Machine Magazines.  Some of the covers look outdated, but believe me when I say that they worth a look.  I have a section on General Knitting Magazines also, where it is mostly for hand knitters, but I also have a link to a booklet that you can buy that is called "TRANSLATING HAND KNITTING INTO MACHINE KNITTING",  and it really works well.  You can buy it at various places, including the  Knit Knack Shop.

About currently produced knitting machine magazines, as I said there really are not many choices.  You have  Machine Knitting Monthly,  but it costs about $110 a year in the USA and $123 in Canada for a subscription and you can get it from  Distinctive Knits  and from Dorothy Rossman 218.238.5882 or her website at Custom Knits & Manufacturing.


                                      A SHOUT OUT TO COUNTRY KNITTING OF MAIN
This brave soul has decided to publish her very own knitting machine magazine, which is a HUGE undertaking, but sorely needed as there is basically only ONE "Knitting Machine" Magazine currently being published, but it costs over $100!  So, I personally would like to thank Linda for her efforts in publishing not only a great magazine for Machine Knitters, but also at an affordable price!

Country Knitting of Main News and Views is a knitting machine magazine that is currently in production by  Country Knitting of Main.  Contact Linda for a subscription at this email:  oth98@hotmail.com  or go to her website.  The price of a subscription is: $37.99 in USA, $38.99 in Canada, $45.99 for International subscribers.  In England you can contact their distributor Linda Irwin directly at sales@jigsawknits.co.uk.  This is a magazine dedicated to knitting machines with lots of patterns, helpful articles, hints and more. Some of the contributing authors: Jo Newton, Kathryn Doubrley, Cathie Sanders, Maggie Andrews and more.

HOW TO USE THIS SECTION: Each Knitting Machine Magazine has it's own section, Brother is first, then Silver Reed, then Other. Remember that these knitting machines had different names in different countries, so Brother and KnitKing are the same as is Silver Reed, Studio and KnitMaster.  I have also added brief descriptions of what you may find in the magazine of interest, but there are usually at least 40 - 50 patterns per magazine.  I hope this format and added information makes it easier to decide which magazine to download.

Most magazines are actually a link directly from this site, but there is a 30 megabyte thresh hold per file so some I have been required to store other magazines that were too large to download on an online storage facility and it may take longer to download than others because they can be over 100,000 Kilobytes.  To Download it's the same for either, you just hit the link, which is the name of the magazine you want, and download it.

Knitting Machine Magazines ~ FREE

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