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Punch Card Pattern Book Version 1 & 2:  Single Motif, Decorative Alphabet, Ribber Patterns, Tuck, Open Stitch Patterns, Lace Like Patterns, Woven Lace, Fair Isle, Lace, Skip and Weave.

Punch Card Pattern Book Version 3 & 4:   Skip, Lace Like Patterns, Cables, Texture through types of Yarn, Colour Work, Stripes, Fine Lace, Tuck with Lace, Tuck and Weave.

Punch Card Pattern Book Version 7:   Fair Isle and Single Motif Patterns.

Punch Card Pattern Book Version 7.1:   Fair Isle, Motif, Lace, Weave, Tuck and Skip.

Punch Card Pattern Book Version 7.2:   Tuck, Weave, Punch Lace and Lace.

Punch Card Pattern Book Version 7.3:   1 Card holds 1,000 Patterns, Tuck, Ribbing Stitches, Punch Tuck Rib, Rib Knitting, Lace, Pin Tuck, Punch Pile and Drive Lace.

Punch Card Pattern Books - FREE

​Brother, Silver Reed, Toyota etc...


with 100s of PATTERNS with PICTURES

This section contains no punch card individual sheets, but this section contains for your pleasure actual Punch Card Pattern Books with hundred of patterns in each.  I have listed each book with a list of what you will find in each Punch Card Book.  These can be used on any punch card knitting machine.

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