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NOTES: SK890, 9mm is a computerized machine that is highly sough after, make sure to get the SR155 RIBBER and not any other

$150 - $400 Depending on condition, and usually with a ribber.​

A SK700 Punch Card could cost $400+

$150 - $300, Like New $400

SK580 $400 - $900 with Ribber, complete but if you do not get all the manual offer less, it has the EC1 built in.  ~~~I paid $1,100 but it was new~~  Comes with 2 Manuals and a Stitch Pattern Book

SK560 $400 - $1,000, the higher price ONLY if it includes the lace carriage as this is how it was originally sold.  It has a knit leader, the EC1 built in and comes with 2 Manuals and a Stitch Pattern Book

SRP50 $200 - $250

SRP60/60(n) $200 - $400

$150 - $300 with accessories 


$200 - $350, NEW these were $400

No Pricing information

$250 - $400

$150 - $300

Ribber, $150

NEW these were $900

Used $250 - $400 because limited with 12 stitch repeat stitch patterns

SR155 RIBBER $250 - $400

SK890 $600 - $1,200, rare and popular and the SK155 RIBBER is the one to get $400

SK160, NEW $900, used $300 - $600 and it upgradable to the SK860 carriage.

SK840 NEW $1,500, Used $500 - $1,000

SK860, NEW $1,500, popular and no longer made so pricing is all over the place, I would not pay more than $900 used.

The SR860 ribber new was $900, same issue as with the main bed, used pricing $600

SK280 with SR280 Punch Card $1,000

SK270 with SR270, $800

NOTES: SK700 punch card machine is highly sought after so prices can be above $700, but I personally would not pay more than $700 for a punch card machine and would rather invest in a computerized machine.

Silver Reed ~ Studio Price List, Used

NOTES: SRP60, I was told had issue, so try to get the SRP60(n) AND make sure to get the mounting brackets if using the SK840, otherwise it will not sit properly on the main bed and may cause damage.

NOTES: SK580 in my opinion is one of the best machines out there, it comes with the EC1 built in and you can  buy the PE1 to increase stitch designs size.  Make sure you get all three books, the Manual, the Operations Manual & Stitch Pattern Book.  DAK compatible.

NOTES: SILVER REED MODULAR SYSTEMS, meaning a stand alone knitting machine bed, are expensive at around $1,500 just for the main bed.  I would encourage you to look at the SK580 and SK560 before getting the 4.5mm SK840, as it is the exact same machine but stripped down, where the SK560/580 have the EC1 and KR7 built in. So, to be able to use the SK840 you have to spend another $500 - $1,500+ for a patterning system.

No such luck with the mid guage, and these are no longer made, nor is the upgrade carriage, so the pricing can be over "new" pricing, which I would NEVER pay.  I found someone who wanted, JUST the Ribber alone for $2,250 and new they were $900. (SR860).  CRAZY!!!  That is $1,000 MORE than the "new" main bed at $1,500!!

I have seen these sold, as a set with the SR860 Ribber and EC1 for around $1,000 and that is what I paid for my SK/SR860 with EC1. Just be patient, you will find one in your price range and who knows, as Silver Reed may start making the mid gauge again.

NOTES: SK150 takes only "SK150" knitting machine needles which are shorter than all the others. It has a shorter bed, width wise, than the other 9mm, so parts & needles must be SPECIFIC for the "SK150" and do not get needles or parts for the the other 9mm machines (SK155/SK890) as they do not fit.

Also, the "AG155" works on the SK150 like a main bed carriage.

This is just a guide of prices on used machines from MY personal experience.  Depending on what is popular in the market will dictate prices to fluctuate up and down.  THIS IS JUST A GUIDE.  If you buy a machine from a Dealer it will be considerably more but you are getting (or should be getting) a machine that is fully vetted and should NOT have any bent needles, with a new sponge bar(s) on both beds if you purchase a main bed and ribber bed, cleaned and with a decent tune up.  That is why you are paying so much more for those machines.

Pricing on Studio used Knitting Machines with model numbers under the 500 series are mainly punch card or manual knitting machines and should cost you anywhere from $150 to $400 (except the bulky machines - SK155, 150 etc), depending on model, use and condition.  For instance, a chunky could cost up to $500 but a SK321 would be around $200 - $250, and SK327 could be around $300 but a SK370 fine gauge could be around the $500 mark.

Bottom line, take a look and make an offer that you think is reasonable with the information that you have.  Do not be surprised if you find that a plastic and metal bed hobby knitting machine is more expensive than an older full metal bed.  These hobby machines hold their value very well as owners do not part with them. These models usually have an "LK" not "HK" before it's model number.

SIDE NOTE:  ALLBRANDS has some of the best pricing for new machines and will meet or beat any price you find.  So make sure to offer a price with this in consideration as I have seen bulky's (SK155) trying to be sold at $1,500 with the ribber used  and they are much less at ALLBRANDS.


This is a questions that keep's coming up and here is what I have found out so far...

1.  SK580 has the EC1 built in as does the SK560, BUT the SK560 ALSO has the Knit Radar built in.

2.  In addition, when the SK560 was originally sold the LC560 Lace Carriage was part of the package and NOT sold separately, even though it is today at used prices.  It was made to compete with the Brother models that included the lace carriage in the original set up.  This I know as a fact because I have the actual training tapes that distributors used to train their salespeople so that they can demonstrate the various knitting machines.

3.  The SK560 CANNOT use the PE1, which allows you to save a much larger stitch pattern, but the SK580 CAN use the PE1.

4.  Both are DAK Compatible with the proper cable.

5.  The SRJ70 Jaquard Ribber will work on either machine.  It is a ribber with a special carriage that allows bird eye jacquard.  You can also purchase just the SRJ70 carriage if you can find one.  Be careful as they also made this carriage for the "FINE" bed, 3.6mm gauge knitting machine, the FRP70, and get the correct one.

6.  The Mirror Image function on the EC1 is a little different between the two.  With the SK580 you can have a "Chevron" image, where they overlap by one (1) stitch, and with the SK560 the pattern sits next to each other.

7.  With the internal EC1 on the SK560 and SK580, you can have more than 1 pattern on the mylar or use just a part of a certain pattern.  With the modular systems you may not have this option, but should double check.  I also think this means that you can have more then 1 stitch pattern sitting next to each other to knit up, but it needs to be the same stitch style.  In other words, a Skip Stitch next to a different Skip Stitch, or a Fair Isle pattern next to another Fair Isle pattern.  I do not think you can have a Skip next to a Slip, or a Fair Isle Stitch next to a Weave Stitch on the same rows.

8.  Finally, the SK580 has the wheel bearings on it, which is why I like the Silver Reed/Studio line so much, and the SK560 does not and works more like the Brother knitting machines.

NOTES: SK121 is the ONLY 11mm guage machine and I have been looking for one for years.  I have no idea what happened to them or where they have gone.  If you do buy one make sure you can get needles and sponge bars for it before you do actually buy it.

NOTES: Plastic Bed Hobby Machines by Silver Reed are the best ones out there and they hold their value.  It is the perfect starter machine for anyone trying this hobby out and at an affordable price before you spends $1,000+ on all metal, computerized machines.  DO NOT GET BOND, it is no where near the quality of these and for about the same price.  These machines have a "LM" in front of the model number.

NOTES: SK560 is even better then the SK580 as far as options, you have the EC1 AND Knit Radar built in AND it comes with a Lace Carraige, as it was sold to compete with the Brother Machines and they all come with a lace carriage.  Make sure to get ALL three Manuals.  DAK compatible.


Prior to 1986, I have no experience, but take care when buying due to age

   4.5mm Ribbers for the Standard Machines:

  SRP50 & SRP60(n) or SRP60


   SK580, 4.5mm Computerized

   SRP50/60 4.5mm RIBBER


   SK560, 4.5mm Computerized

   SK561, SK511, SK550

    SRP50 4.5mm RIBBER

    SRP60 4.5mm RIBBER

    SRP60(n) 4.5mm RIBBER


     LK140 & LK150, 6.5mm Plastic Bed

​     SK140, 8mm Manual


     LK150, 6.5mm

     LK155, 6.5mm

     LK140, 6.5mm


    SK121, 11mm


      SK500, 4.5mm Electronic

​      SRP50 4.5mm RIBBER


      SK150 9mm Manual

      SR150 9mm RIBBER


     SK155 9mm, 12 Stitch Punch Card

     SR150 9mm RIBBER

      SR155 9mm RIBBER (get this one)

    (1990 and on)

       SK890 9mm, Computerized


       SK160, 6.5mm Manual Machine

      SK840, 4.5mm Computerized

      SRP60(n) 4.5mm RIBBER

      SK860 6.5mm, Computerized

      SR860 9mm RIBBER


     SK830 3.5mm Fine Bed Machine

​    SR830 3.5mm RIBBER

    SK280 & SK270, with ribber