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By far the best repair shop is  
Nedle-TEK  and located in the USA.  I have never been disappointed or had issues with them. They are also a great resource for parts and accessories, DAK, DAK cables, lessons and more.  They service and sell Brother, KnitKing, Silver Reed, Studio, KnitMaster and Toyota Knitting Machines.  I would also reccommend "THE KNIT KNACK SHOP".

Another great experience for me in the USA has been with  Knit & Sew.  Tammi Noble is very nice and always willing to help, in addition she is also a PASSAP Dealer, is very passionate about PASSAP, knows A LOT about these machines and just loves them.  She also sells and repairs Brother/KnitKing and Silver Reed/Studio/KnitMaster Knitting Machines.

For Knitting Machine Sales, this vendor is honest about her knitting machines and equipment and sells them for a good price AND they are cleaned and completely vetted BEFORE they come to you (unlike some other places).  She sells Brother, KnitKing and Silver Reed, Studio, KnitMaster Knitting Machines, parts and accessories:  
Custom Knits and Manufacturing

Northtipton Creations is a small studio located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, catering especially to Machine Knitters.  Cathie also has THE BEST DAK Tutorials around and is also very helpful with questions.  She is one of the most knowledgeable people for Design A Knit Knitting Software Program.  Very nice people and great work.  Repairs all knitting machine brands:  NORTHTIPTON CREATIONS

WARNING: I would stay away from " The Knitting Closet ".  They take no accountability when a mistake is made, they do not stand by their knowledge about knitting machines, and always blame you, the customer, for their mistakes even when shipping the wrong items.  I have heard this numerous time.  I was also informed that they can be quite rude when trying to figure out a solution and just make excuses.


If you want to buy rather than make yourself knitted items you can still get hand made, one of a kind knitted or crochet items including tops, sweaters, baby items, handbags, capes and more visit:    Dragonfly Knitwear

You can now repair your own sponge bars for less than buying a new one and with shipping it is a savings.  Designed by a Calvin Klein Knitwear designer and a Parsons School of Design graduate, the Ultra sponge bar is the ultimate knitting machine sponge bar.

Made from the perfect density of sponge - Medium Density.  The Science: High Density is too hard causing needles to get stuck, Low Density is not resilient and compresses too easily, Medium Density is soft enough to work with the needles, but strong enough to last a long time. Covered in two types of textiles for smoothest use.  Strong black mesh on one side for adhesion and form. Durable, off-white smooth binding fabric on the other side to keep the needles from snagging and for smooth carriage use. * Made to last. Will last 3-5 years with normal use (unlike most sponge bars which only last 1 year):  SPONGEBAR.COM


                                     KNITTING MACHINE NEEDLES
I would recommend Custom Knits and Manufacturing and The Knit Knack Shop, they have needles for all beds.  While they are not cheap, you will get what you need from them. 

If you do not mind to wait a little for international shipping, you can order knitting machine bed needles from Germany.  The price CANNOT be beat for 100 needles from him.  You are paying the same price for about 50 of them here in the US.  He also has other items for sale to include tools and other after market items.

 CANADA CONTACT: Nod to Peter Smith Trading, Lt.
This is the "GO-TO" guy for any hard to find item for your knitting machine in ALL Canada and if you cannot find what you want in the USA. He has everything and if he does not he can either get it or send you to someone who can help you.


He specializes in knitting machines of ALL kinds but his machines are pricey and you can purchase machines in the States for a lot less, so I recommend him for the hard to find items.  He also carries yarn on cones and boasts of begin the largest store in Canada for yarn, offers knitting machine classes in Canada and repairs knitting machines.  He also carries new and used knitting machine for sale.                      

A Place for Knitting Machine Enthusiasts

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