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TIDBIT & CAUTION:  Some yarn stores will only use the McMorran Yarn Balance to identify yarn weight, as in if it is DK or Sport or Lace Weight.  While the McMorran is a great tool, it is an estimate only and is open to error and human error.  If the site uses WPI, Wraps per Inch, use that measurement.  If in doubt you can always ask for a sample.  I have been on sites that have been considerably off on their yarn weights stating that a yarn was worsted/heavyDK/Aran and it actually was a light sport weight.

LITTLE KNITS- http://www.littleknits.com/index.php   The best place ever for great discounts by the bag or ball.  This is by far one of my FAVORITE YARN STORES.  EXCELLENT YARN AND PRICES AND ORDER of $125 or more SHIPS FREE!!!​​

Colourmart.com- In the UK,  but shipping is included in prices and any taxes or surcharges so this is a good deal for yarn outside of the USA.  They have high end coned yarn but you will pay for quality, and their yarn is quality yarn.  They are usually overruns or extra yarn from a previous season from design houses.  To figure out price per pound, times the cost by 3 as each cone is about 150 grams and 3 cones is close to a pound. Then you will know if you are getting a fair deal or a great deal. MOST YARN IS ON CONES which is perfect for machine knitting.  They also have a Bargain Area with Yarn on 1KG CONES which is about 2.2 lbs for a better discount.

I LOVE YARN and I LOVE-   I LOVE YARN!!!!  They have some of the best prices around for all sorts of yarns that they buy from big clothing houses that sell off the stock from last year to make room for new stock.  They have literally tons of yarn and are very accommodating.  But, do not use the shipping calculator that they have on line, instead email them as sometimes it is not working properly, and they have told me this. They are just the nicest people and ask for Shelby.

Looking for ALPACA YARN    at a great price and at the same time help out a charity? Look no further.  David Bolos and his family offers 1 Kilo of "Fine" Alpaca yarn for ONLY $33 a CONE!!!  That is 2.2 lbs of ALPACA.  I have bought some and it is very nice yarn.  It is a 2/9 Nm, so about a light sport weight and cones in White, Brown and other colours.  All proceeds go to a charity in Peru that house and take care of abandoned children.  Thier website is:   www.PeruHope.org or you can call them at 1.315.525.5648.  Shipping is $6.90 for the first cone and $3.90 each cone thereafter. Email:   perufamily7@yahoo.com 

Another great yarn store that sells discontinued or overspins is  MY POLLYWOGS YARN AND FIBER   You can purchase "designer" yarn at discounts on cones and by the skein, but can still be pricey so check how much yarn you are actually getting for the price.  Very nice people, but just make sure you give them a little time to respond, they are an older couple who do this just to be able to pass on savings to us.  You can find their website here:   http://www.mypollywogs.com/

DBNY Yarn specializes in discontinued yarn from leading manufacturers, while NOT the cheapest they are gems to be found


PRISM YARNS is the place to shop:  http://www.prismyarn.com The yarn is very different and I use it for embellishments, purses, on collars and cuffs or tops.

Do not know if you have ever heard of   SMILEYS YARNS,  in New Jersey - but they have closeouts and sales on yarns all the time, you can get discounts of up to 90% off and starting at $1 per ball, NO KIDDING!!  www.smileysyarns.com 

STEPHANIE'S STUDIO AND YARN  is  great place for hand dyed yarn.

SUNMOON TRADING   is a great place to buy yarn from Nepal.

In need of silk?  Look no further than ​ SILK INDIAN,  some really great 100% silk yarn.

A great place for cotton and other thinner yarns such as cotton and mainly up to Sport Weight, but still some heavier yarns is Stephanie's Studio and Yarns   http://sumi-soft.com/yarn/

NUMEI  has yarn by the bag at great prices, but watch the weight when purchasing, some of the packets and/or balls can get a little light.

YARNBOW  has discounts on current yarn, still a little pricey but you do get quality and you can find just about anything there.

SHOUT OUT to YARNIA:   Yarnia is the only yarn shop where you can design your very own custom blend of yarn, and buy it by the pound.  They specialize in budget-friendly, custom knitting and weaving yarn on cones.  Customers can buy their house blends of yarn, which are already wound up in standard knitting and crochet weights, or create their own custom yarn with their Custom Yarn Creator.  


My Favorites & the Best Yarn Stores Around